Building Brands and Creating Experiences.

I'm the Director of Marketing at an architecture firm in Boston. I have a strong focus on sustainable, universal, inclusive, and equity-focused design.

About Me

Hi, my name is Keith. I’m a designer working in Boston. I have over 12 years of experience designing and implementing branding, product, UI, UX, Print, and Marketing.

I'm here to collaborate with and grow organizations, brands, and people who are design-focused, looking to impact the built environment. I have years of experience in architecture, graphic design, and web design, developing brands and content strategies, and leading business development, partnerships, and growth. I'm proudly multidisciplinary, connecting industries, learning new creative disciplines, and exploring the possibilities when bringing them together.Contact


Product DesignBranding
Visual & UI DesignPrint & Collateral
Web DevelopmentMarketing and SEO


My Education & Certifications

Bachelors of Architecture

California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, California 2006-2011

Living Future Accredited

International Living Future Institute
Jul 2022 – No Expiration Date

Certified Circadian Wellness Auditor

BIOS Biological Lighting Institute
Issued Sep 2021 – No Expiration Date

NCI Charrette System™ certified facilitator

National Charrette Institute
Issue Jun 2017 - No Expiration Date



OLSON LEWIS + Architects

Director of Marketing and Business Development
October 2022–Present

XICO Lighting

Director of Marketing
July 2021–October 2022

LWDA Design

Director of Marketing, Architectural Visualization and Graphics
August 2013–July 2021

Analogue Studio

May 2013–August 2013

Contract Designer, Various

August 2011–April 2013


Driving design vision for brands.


I love taking Design from vision to reality.

Honorable Recognitions & Awards

Best Use of Magic LeapWay-more Accessibility Award

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Web Development


In order to take an idea through development and launch, I believe in breaking the idea down into its key components and disciplines.Constant iterative development is the key to success, supported by ongoing testing, and flexibility throughout the process.


Concept Workflow

  • Breaking the project brief into stages

  • Research and tool selection

  • Design and concept prototyping


  • Iterating on the details

  • Prototype refinement with stakeholder input

  • Final working design, ready for handoff

Not Traditional Development

Your ideas need quick iteration; you want a proof of concept that demonstrates a minimum viable product and the ability to iterate continuously - improving design and functionality as the project develops.Using practical visual design and "no-code" tools, I can develop a fully-working MVP quickly.Product Validation is a different approach from a traditional development agency. Most agencies' models don't fit early-stage ventures. I'll advise you on the smallest step you can take to test your ideas with real users. If you're able to do something without my help - I'll be happy to tell you.

Built in weeks

We'll work together on small steps that solve your problem, experimenting with solutions and testing.

Quick iteration

Visual programming tools and low-code integrations lend themself to fast implementation and the opportunity to test and improve at each phase.


I only work on projects I'm interested in, that are actively making positive societal and environmental change, and I'll be your partner bringing the project to life. Every project has opportunities for learning and collaborative design thinking.

Have an idea? I can help you validate your project.

Say Hello! to me 👋